10 Fun Games to play while chatting

Gone are those days when we used to throw our bag pack as soon as we come home after school and run to our friends in the evening, to play many games. Gone are those days when games used to be nothing but having fun, may be stupid, but we all do have great memories... Continue Reading →

Questions to ask for a better bond

Questions..! The most hated ones in the exams but there are some questions which are quite interesting… The most effective way to make any bond stronger is by asking questions. Unless we ask one , we won't get any answers. Games create a great approach to this.. The Legend of all, is the Truth or... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Wish you a very Happy New Year.! The best new year resolution, which every one can follow happily and complete successfully is "I WONT FOLLOW ANY RESOLUTIONS". As a Student, The First thing to do when a new year arrives is scan for the number of holidays in the new calendar.. That's so exciting, it's... Continue Reading →

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